Basic Vehicle Maneuvers Training Module

Performing common driving maneuvers safely.

This module provides instruction on how to safely perform common driving maneuvers such as changing lanes, making turns, passing other vehicles, backing up, and parking. Lessons within this module take a strategic approach, utilizing evaluation, planning, and awareness of the driving environment.

Lesson 1 - Changing Lanes

This lesson provides step-by-step instruction on changing lanes with an emphasis on safe driving practices. Drivers are taught to evaluate the situation and be ready for changing conditions.

Lesson 2 - Turning

This lesson discusses the dangers involved with making turns at an intersection. It also provides instruction on how to minimize risk through best practices and knowledge of traffic laws.

Lesson 3 - Passing

This lesson goes into detail about the dangers involved in passing another vehicle, along with the steps involved to complete a pass safely. The lesson emphasizes the importance of making sound judgements, rather than relying solely on signs and road markings.

Lesson 4 - Backing Up

This lesson provides tips & tricks for safely backing up. It discusses the dangers of blind spots and how to minimize risk when you cannot see clearly what is behind you.

Lesson 5 - Parking

This lesson discusses best practices for parking vehicles, particularly larger vehicles like trucks and vans. It provides real-world advice for common parking situations.

The Predictive Coach training courses were created by RMJTech, a group of professionals with extensive experience in eLearning, fleet and driver training. These courses are all included with your fleet’s Predictive Coach contract.

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