Driver Readiness Training

How physical and mental states impact safe driving.

This module discusses the importance of the driver’s physical and emotional well-being. It looks at the impact of emotions, stress, and aggression; along with fatigue and inattention, on the ability to make safe driving decisions and stay alert. It also examines the role physical health plays in maintaining a safe driving environment.

Lesson 1 - Emotions

This lesson explores the role emotions play when it comes to safe driving. It provides insight on how emotions impact decision making along with tips for retaining emotional control.

Lesson 2 - Stress

This lesson explains the physical and psychological impact of stress, along with the potential consequences of continuing to drive while under a highly stressed state.

Lesson 3 - Aggressive Driving

This lesson takes a look at the dangers of aggressive driving, the specific behaviors it entails, and how to safely deal with aggressive drivers you may encounter on the road.

Lesson 4 - Fatigue

This lesson discusses the consequences of driving while fatigued. It identifies the symptoms to look out for, the situations in which fatigue is most likely, and the measures to take to minimize the likelihood of fatigued driving.

Lesson 5 - Inattention and Distraction

This lesson explores the growing issue of distracted driving, the behaviors associated with it, and tips & tricks to avoid being a distracted driver in a world of ever-growing technology.

Lesson 6 - Physical Health

This lesson discusses the impact of health issues on safe driving, with an emphasis on identifying the potential for even the most common symptoms to create an unsafe driving environment when left unchecked.

Lesson 7 - Disabilities

This lesson defines what it means to have a disability, the potential impact on freedom and mobility, and the measures that can be taken to retain the ability to drive safely.

The Predictive Coach training courses were created by RMJTech, a group of professionals with extensive experience in eLearning, fleet and driver training. These courses are all included with your fleet’s Predictive Coach contract.

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