Safely navigating different types of intersections.

This module provides instruction on how to safely approach and traverse intersections. It also provides helpful strategies for dealing with uncontrolled intersections, determining the right of way, and navigating special roadways like one-way streets, traffic circles, and railroad crossings. Emphasis is placed on staying alert, scanning the environment and being ready to stop in an emergency.

Lesson 1 - Types of Intersections

This lesson discusses the inherent dangers of intersections, the three main types, and how to minimize your risk when encountering one.

Lesson 2 - Right of Way

This lesson teaches driver’s how to determine right of way, exceptions to the rules, and when it’s best to simply yield the right of way to ensure a safe driving environment.

Lesson 3 - Scanning

This lesson provides step-by-step instruction on proper scanning techniques to increase driver awareness of their surroundings. Emphasis is placed on a structured and purposeful approach.

Lesson 4 - Covering the Brake

This lesson discusses the technique of covering the brake and the importance of being ready to stop in situations where hesitation could cause a collision or even cost lives.

Lesson 5 - Special Roadways

This lesson instructs drivers on how to approach and safely navigate three types of special intersections; the one-way street, traffic circles, and railroad crossings.

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