Substance Impaired Driving

The deadly cost of impaired driving.

This module discusses the definition and causes of impaired driving, along with the potential ramifications of driving in an impaired state. Emphasis is placed on understanding the law, the dangers, and what to do to keep yourself safe.

Lesson 1 - Alcohol and Driving

This lesson discusses the dangers of drinking and driving, explaining the physical and psychological impacts of alcohol on driving ability.

Lesson 2 - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

This lesson explains how blood alcohol content is used to determine driving impairment, along with testing methods, and the specific laws surrounding BAC.

Lesson 3 - Medications

This lesson discusses the potential impact of medications on driver impairment, with an emphasis of understanding side effects regardless of whether the medication was prescribed or sold over the counter.

Lesson 4 - Illegal Drugs

This lesson takes a closer look at the dangerous impact various types of illegal drugs have on the ability to drive safely.

Lesson 5 - Laws

This lesson details the specific laws and legal ramifications of being convicted of impaired driving.

Lesson 6 - Impaired Drivers

This lesson explains how to avoid becoming an impaired driver, the behaviors indicative of an impaired driver, and what safety measures to take if you come across one while driving.

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