External Risk Factors

Paying attention to the world around you.

This module discusses the various environmental hazards that can create an unsafe driving situation. Drivers are instructed on what to look out for, how to minimize the risk, and steps to take to avoid collision.

Lesson 1 - Road Hazards

This lesson discusses the dangers of hazards on and off the roadway. Drivers are instructed on what to look out for and how to safely avoid these hazards.

Lesson 2 - Weather

This lesson takes a look at the impact of hazardous weather conditions on traction and visibility. Emphasis is placed on using additional caution and identifying unsafe conditions before they become an issue.

Lesson 3 - Lighting

This lesson explains the impact of time of day on driving conditions and how changing light conditions can negatively impact visibility and safe driving.

Lesson 4 - Animals

This lesson discusses the special threat posed by pets and wildlife when driving. Emphasis is placed on remaining calm and taking appropriate action depending on the individual driving circumstance.

Lesson 5 - Vulnerable Roadway Users

This lesson explains how to safely share the road with vulnerable roadway users. Drivers are taught to proactively search for and avoid collision with pedestrians, cyclists, and road crews.

Lesson 6 - Special Vehicles

This lesson provides instruction on sharing the road with special vehicles such as emergency vehicles, school busses, motorcycles, and construction trucks.

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