Managing Risk

Handling hazards before they become emergencies.

This module provides instruction on perceiving and acting upon potential risks to minimize the chance of collision. Drivers are taught what to look out for, when to use additional caution, and how to make good decisions in bad situations.

Lesson 1 - Risk Perception

This lesson takes a closer look at the importance of perceiving risks and potential hazards while driving. It discusses what to look out for and when to use additional caution due to reduced visibility.

Lesson 2 - Risk Management

This lesson explains the process of managing risk through decision making and risk assessment. Emphasis is placed on thinking before taking action, and not relying on chance.

Lesson 3 - SMART Approach

The SMART approach to risk management is a strategic process of managing risk by staying aware of your environment and properly responding to hazards to avoid collision.

The Predictive Coach training courses were created by RMJTech, a group of professionals with extensive experience in eLearning, fleet and driver training. These courses are all included with your fleet’s Predictive Coach contract.

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