Predictive Coach delivers a targeted approach to safe driving

Designed with busy employees in mind, our courses consist of eight modules strategically focused on the key aspects of safe driving. Emphasis is placed on the driver’s role in staying alert, identifying potential risks, taking action, and avoiding common unsafe behaviors such as distracted, impaired, and aggressive driving.

Module 1 - Basic Vehicle Maneuvers

-Changing lanes
-Backing Up

Module 2 - Collision Prevention

-Collision Related Losses
-Causes and Types of Collisions
-Collision Prevention
-Unavoidable Collisions

Module 3 - Driver Readiness

-Aggressive Driving
-Inattention and Distraction
-Physical Health

Module 4 - External Risk Factors

-Road Hazards
-Vulnerable Roadway Users
-Special Vehicles

Module 5 - Intersections

-Types of Intersections
-Right of Way
-Covering the Brake
-Special Roadways

Module 6 - Managing Risk

-Risk Perception
-Risk Management
-SMART Approach

Module 7 - Signs and Signals


Module 8 - Substance Impaired Driving

-Alcohol and Driving
-Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
-Illegal Drugs
-Impaired Drivers

The Predictive Coach training courses were created by RMJTech, a group of professionals with extensive experience in eLearning, fleet and driver training. These courses are all included with your fleet’s Predictive Coach contract.

If you are interested, the full training course catalog is available for purchase separately by clicking here.


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