Are Your Fleet Drivers Aggressive or Distracted and Putting Your Company At Risk? Get Them an Automated Driver Training Program.

Discover the power of Predictive Coach for tailored fleet driver training! Not all drivers are the same. Some are great drivers, while others may exhibit aggressive or distractible behaviors, posing potential risks to your company and brand. Our solution integrates behavior-based driver training, automated driver safety, and fleet risk management to ensure your drivers receive targeted training based on their specific high-risk tendencies.

Our telematics-based coaching, driven by real data, offers short and interactive training lessons accessible on any device. By adopting Predictive Coach, we take the proactive driver training workload off management, allowing them to focus on their core business. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace advanced driver behavior analysis, streamlined safety programs, and automated risk management. Elevate your fleet safety with time-saving technology and efficient protocols. Experience the effectiveness of our integrated risk reduction solutions at your fingertips!



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Proof Positive

An independent 3rd party study by VTTI reveals significant and compelling fleet safety benefits provided by Predictive Coach. Proof positive that Predictive Coach reduces dangerous driver behavior.
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Predictive Coach proved to be a valuable asset in a transit setting with a fleet already firmly focused on safety. Fleets interested in continually improving safety reap significant benefits from Predictive Coach.

Better Drivers, Equal Lower Insurance Costs!

Predictive Coach: Driver Training Courses

The training courses below are all included with Predictive Coach subscriptions. You may also purchase courses separately.

Predictive Coach: Reporting

Keeping your fleet safe and your managers up-to-date can all be done within the portal. Updated daily, the Predictive Coach management reports cover everything you need to know about your fleet's performance.


Comprehensive Fleet Safety, One Low Price

Predictive Coach solves the unmanaged telematics data workload and liability issues by automatically providing specific training courses based on your drivers’ actual driving behavior.

  • Driver Behavior Data Collection via Geotab Device
  • Automatic Course Assignments based on Actual Driver Behavior
  • Management Access to Dashboards/Reports
  • Additional Monthly Training Course Available for Every User
  • Annual Proactive Defensive Driving Course Available for Every User
Geotab Go Device

Telematics Hardware Required

Note: Custom courses development available upon request


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